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Alberto Maggini is an Italian visual artist who recently completed his MA in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Arts. He holds a BA in Biology and an MA in Botany and Restoration Ecology from Sapienza University in Rome.

Alberto’s ceramics, wearable sculptures and performative works reflect his background in biology and botany and his interest in queer ecologies, mythology and native identities.


Inspired by the equalising power of nature and the use of mythological tropes, his work aims to reposition our place in society and challenge the linear trajectory that is set out for us from birth to death. By fusing scientific knowledge with popular mythology, Alberto challenges preconceived notions of social interaction and human consciousness in order to experience alternate realities and to bring us closer to our ‘indigenous nature’. Inspired by the practices around Camp, Performance Cabaret and disidentification, Alberto critically investigates the formation of identity through a queer lens and within the Catholic context of his upbringing in Rome.


By drawing on this practice, Alberto re-configures an object’s encoded cultural meaning to represent queer identity, expose the exclusiveness of heteronormativity, and break apart the dominant dualisms that divide rather than unite us. 

Selected projects include Diva’s Boudoir at Deptford Does Art (London, 2021), Rally, MA Fine Art Graduate Show at Chelsea College of Art (London, 2021), Make Utopia Great Again as part of Qw’ere London at Matchstick Piehouse ( London, 2021), Why do you tear my from myself? at The Cookhouse Gallery (London, 2021), Indigenous Nature at the Chelsea College of Arts (London, 2021), Essential Constellation on Google Maps (Online, 2020) and Animism at the Salzburg Fortress (Salzburg, 2018).

Alberto lives and works between London, UK and Rome, Italy.

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