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Anthony_VAN GOG

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Anthony is a performance artist currently based in Antwerp. He graduated with a BA in Performance Art at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts.

In his work, the experience of transgression is centralized and depicted by the body. Understanding the body in its material sense, he is interested in the disappearance of the human figure through the mutation of physical appearance and the elimination of speech. By removing the ‘human’ from the body, we are left with its matter, its flesh, its bones, its form - this remnant, this vessel, is his medium. Using this clay, He choreographically exposes the body in a gradual changing, durational and ambiguous sculpture, resulting in gestural or repetitive sequential movements. These sculptures are the embodiment of the transgressive experience, which can be explained by raising the question ‘where does the body stop being human? And where does it become unknown to us?’ to which these sculptures provide an answer. The answer to these questions, in turn, points directly to our understanding of humanity. Rather than questioning our humanity through socio-political reasoning, I question it in a material sense by exposing the dehumanized, abject body and thus enacting it transgressively. 


For his residency at VONK_studios, he will deepen and broaden his research around the abject body. The abject body is a research in which the body is torn from its usual discourse and everyday self-evidence and is positioned within the framework of unconventionality, strangeness, and aversion, not to break down its self-evidence, but to disrupt it so that our idea of ​​the body is broadened and deepened. During the residency he would like to execute three studies; the Study on the Material Body, Study on the Symbolic Body, and Study on the Contextual Body.

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