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In his work, Guy Rubicon, tries to look at the relationship between mankind and the natural world. This relationship is not a romantic one. Man is part of the natural world and exists because of nature, but is also the only creation of nature that puts itself outside of it, looking at nature from a distance. This distance between mankind and the natural world did not always exist. For thousands of years mankind lived in balance with the natural world it inhabits, not understanding it, but respecting it, and because we did not understand nature, it became a place of magic, mythology and wonder but also fear, chaos and confusion.


Since the rise of monotheistic religions, the natural world is no longer a place of wonder but something mankind wants to rule over and exploit, resulting in the destruction of balance in nature. The creatures, figures and landscapes in his paintings try to connect to these mythological and spiritual worlds we have known for thousands of years but have forgotten about. They are not of our time, bearing the traces of our world, but they are not of our world. Like Carl Gustav Jung said: “Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit.” Man has always been fascinated by the natural world, the oldest artworks are cave paintings of animals, going back as far as 45.000 years ago. Guy feels that what he tries to do is not very different from what these first artists did.

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