Vanhees Hilde foto.jpeg

Painting has become a second nature to Hilde Vanhees.  ‘Not creating’ feels uncomfortable for this artist.  Ever since she was a child she was constantly drawing, as a teenager she wanted to become a fashion designer, and for a long time she worked as an architect.  But now in visual arts, she allows herself even greater freedom to play with colors, spatial design and composition.


“Although I paint a lot, on a regular basis I create experimental works such as collages, 3D installations or I make paintings on various surfaces (e.g. cardboard, wood, textile…).  Most of the time I’m guided by my intuition and memories (real or fictional), which are widely interwoven with my personally collected images from movies, clips, magazines, music, fashion and other artworks.  I’ve more ideas than time to spent.” She says.

Also Street-Art is not unfamiliar territory to her.  But always with her self-intentioned atmosphere ahead and combined with a highly developed sense of context and scale. 

Although most of the paintings contain figurative elements, sometimes with a surrealistic edge, lately her artwork tends more towards abstraction.  Anyway usually you recognize her determined brushstrokes, her love for the material of paint itself, the daring color palette and the quirky style.  Sometimes with a hint of sensuality, other times it refers to nature or the human psyche.