Bernakiewicz Iwert photo.jpg

Iwert Bernakiewicz (Genk, 1970) was trained as an architect. In his work he challenges perception.

Over time, photography became an important self-taught tool in his work as an architect and researcher. It has evolved and developed from the architecture discipline as a constant questioning of the built environment and human behavior, to document, illustrate and reflect. It is often a classic, straight on, perspectiveless view of the world around us, rarely neutral. The general theme "FRAG" serves as an acronym and working theme: "for real, augmented gazing". At the same time, it is the German word for "question", the constant questioning of our (human) actions and environment.

In kaleidoscopic images, weightlessness is introduced to condense space in parallel worlds and to fuel curious inquisitive looking. Photography is bundled as ‘obsessive compulsive observations’ (oco*/) of urban and cultural landscapes, often in his direct neighborhood. In summary: a crossover between photography, model building, hand drawing and various printing techniques, certainly influenced and nourished from his work as a teacher, photographer and architect.