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In my recent works, I move towards abstraction by trading the traditional support for a shaped panel. For some, the physical borders of the traditional canvas give more grip on what is going on within these borders. However, I tend to ask myself whether this kind of comfort gives me the challenge I need. 

These predetermined edges makes me anxious about limitations, but at the same time, this almost unlimited physical freedom results in multiple visual restrictions. 

My work literally and figuratively plays with the border between comfort and discomfort, endless abilities and infinite forms. The way in which the paint and brushstrokes react to the form, and the other way around, fascinates me. Does the form of the shape lead my brush, or do I adapt my form to the painted context? The speed and the anarchistic approach of an image leads to radical decisions and often results in surprising twists. 

Like a story that has different twists and turns along its plotline which leads to a controlled loss, for me, the painting process remains an exercise in taking control and letting go. The outcome offers an open ending, focusing on the gaps in a personal interpretation of reality - in my case, this can be a place, an object, a character, or a combination of them all. 

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