Jonas Nelissen studied at PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt. He uses soccer iconography mostly mix with religious or mythological symbols to tell themes like heroism, fanaticism, sexism, etc. He deconstructs the modern culture where we live in, how we try to find our role models and how modern culture (and specific sport) has taken the place of religion. It asks the question what we want. What do heroes have to be in the modern world and what is the moral code there giving us. Do they give us moral codes? 

His work touches universal themes but also incorporates it into a world that is personal to Jonas Nelissen. He investigates a universe that dominates the world but for the people that living outside of it, it is alien of it. The artist reveals how that system works. 

His works consist of painting videos and three-dimensional work. he mixes old technics with new. He brings high culture with low culture and uses unusual material like artificial grass, soccer jerseys, flags and forgotten materials like gold leaf and wooden panels.