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Perdieus Joris Photo.JPG

Joris Perdieus is a visual artist, scenographer, sound-designer and researcher. He is a member of the Intermedia and  Mediated Environments research groups at LUCA School Of Arts Brussels and KULeuven. Recently he has investigated Non-Visual Scenographics and Sensory Hyperfocus.

His artistic output is multiform, albeit mostly spatial: installations, environments, performances, sound designs, stage- and set-designs. But also objects, sculptures ,video, texts and photographs. Joris' work is often ephemeral and may consist of pure sound, light or even smell or wind. His pieces direct the viewers attention towards isolated moments in time and space, producing or capturing images, impressions, feelings that may exist only for a short time. 

Joris ventures broadly into different disciplines. He has realized an number of stage-designs for contemporary dance-pieces, performances and theatre-plays. He has produced radioshows and soundscapes for films, written scripts, essays and short fictions. All those experiences contaminate his personal practice in which his approach is often explicitly scenographic. Spaces are re-imagined, re-designed and altered to become autonomously operating experiential environments. Visitors navigate them as they would a landscape, or a narrative in which there is much to be discovered. 

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