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Kunstennacht 16.9_2021


©Lennert Berx



Kunstenwerkplaats VONK opens the doors of the studios in the former Veldeman building during Kunstennacht. Get to know the artists and their work and enjoy live performances by Milan Gillard and Lin Gerritse.

In the ateliers: Kristof Vrancken, Indra Wouters, Jorden Boulet, Joke Hansen, Anton Kusters, Elias Ghekiere and Marnik Neven.


Lin Gerritse

18h30  (20 min)

Lin Gerritse is a performance artist who creates sound performances with

everyday objects, looking for new combinations or a new function for existing objects,

ranging from fitness equipment to company cars. An ode to absurdism.







Milan Gillard

19h30  (30 min)

In his performance Milan Gillard will give a presentation of mental and physical

concepts. During the performance, the audience will be asked to interact by using

all kinds of outputs like their voices, movements or by using objects. Afterwards

there is time for a conversation in which we will try to form new concepts about

individualism by reflecting and experimenting together and on our own.




Practical information


Ateliers are open from 18h until 23h
Location: Kempische Kaai 85, 3500 Hasselt

The ateliers are free to visit

The performances are free but you need to reserve your seat

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