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lin airlines (photoshop).jpg
Lin Airlines 2021


Lin Gerritse (1988) Visual artist In collaboration with Alexa Moya Panksep (1997) Dance artist


The work of Lin Gerritse (*1988) evolves out of an experimental process, which stays visible in the pragmatically put together installations. Their visual aspects seems to be secondary, as their functionality and the production of sound often leads to the composition of the material. The mainly found and collected objects all refer to their own history which gets morphed together to a new playful narrative. One could think of the installations as small ecosystems, where every movement has an influence on the rest, each particular object is waiting for the moment of its action. Similar to a body, the whole would collapse in case one function fails. Gerritse oeuvre can be read as an homage to the absurd, a try to undermine functionality through its creation without function; to perform gestures without a cause but for the sake of their liberation from serving productivity.


Lin says,”The safety instructions by the flightintenede always reminded me of contemporary dance”. This is the starting point for Lin Airlines, I noticed that an airplane embodied all the elements to become a theater piece. There are body movements, costumes, the brewing sounds of the engine, a voiceover true the intercom and there is a narrative. There are even seats for the public.


Lin sent his proposal to contemporary dance group Backyard Collective. Alexa member of Backyard is a young freelance dancer. Working and traveling between Baralona and Antwerpen. She reads his message while she is in the airport Barcelona waiting for her next flight. She recognize Lin’s ideas and they find common ground to start a collaboration in the form of “Air traveling orchestra”


Project made possible by Vonk Ateliers & Het Mondriaan Fonds


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