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Neven Marnik foto.jpg

The artistic research of Marnik Neven focuses on repetition and labor.  Each works starts with the development of a work process. This work process slowly evolves through research and trial and error. This development can consist of unexpected results of the process (for example in the unintentional painting) but also further insights into the work. Because one work is spread over several years this process is part of the work. A work such as “manual copy”, for example, has changed from a research into the limit of one's own draftsmanship towards an installation/performance in which the role and relationship between artist, gallery owner and audience is questioned. In the “unintentional paintings” series who originate from an irritation about how important and irrelevant news facts follow each other in rapid succession without much distinction. Because of this fast zapping there is little room for a critical gaze.  A news item is quickly buried under the further flood of news items, opinions and tweets. In the series “unintentional paintings” Marnik Neven lets abstract images develop from this flood of these images. 

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