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We have to start from the ground up and lose each biased thought we collectively generated throughout our evolution in terms of what it means to be human.

Our language, moral ideas, prescribed systems… need to be rewritten or rewired to give a contemporary touch. 


List of structural problems I have to deal with:





A; Talking in 3rd person.

    For Milan it’s strange that a text that he has written himself should be in the third person. He gets that it is more refined and established if it were written by an external person (it was not). But that is not the person I want to be. I wrote this, and therefore it is inevitable that this is written in a first person perspective..

    The use of ‘I’ is a more tempting way of communicating for two reasons. First of all, it lets the reader personally sympathize with the main character. Instead of being an outsider, you are now the star/villain or “passenger” in the story. Secondly, it’s not who I like to pretend to be - pretending in the sense of distancing myself from the text.

    It is essential to start off with this sentence in particular: “List of structural problems I have to deal with.” The “I” already offers context about my work. I don’t pretentiously mean it that I, me or Milan do have a lot of problems. In fact, it is the opposite of it. The “I” is the reader. We read text in the same way we think. We hear our own voices in our head and read “I” as if it were our own voice.


B; Eulogize yourself.

    All of us like to be the best version of ourself. This is Milan Gillard’s version 10.19. We are manipulated into pretending. Pretend as if a part of us Is good. We ceaselessly rebuke the smallest impurities in the world around us. Instead we should try to make it better instead of merely criticizing it. 

    The “I” is not significant to me because there is a “we” instead.


C; Formal accuracy

    This not echt appropriate 2 mix different talen trough elkaar in a formal context of communication. Butt why not ? Should la langue be so strict, we sea it only as a weg to communicate correctly. Butt tis so much more. We express our feelings hier mee maar we don’t use it as a form by which we apart zouden communiceren without de betekenis van het woord. 


 D; The way it’s been thought to children.

    The school system treats the learning of languages rong, it’s focused on the score and about being correct. Instead it should be about if we could manage in the outside world where we often have to speak a language that isn’t our mother language. There should be more practical exercises.


E;  A.                                                      B

    C                                                                                                                   D

E                                                                                                                                         f



Formal structures



    I will not go in depth about every situation or structure that is wrong in our society. But rather try to construct a formal proposition about how it could be in the future. (It’s hard)  It’s not functional or appropriate to just adres every structure, if we just adres it it’s nothing more than translating it into something of our own. We gave it another form instead of presenting a kind of solution.

    We are constantly being categorized, we keep inventing words thereby is it possible to make differences. “White does only exist because of black.”

    Playing in between two boundaries is the most interesting activity for me, as soon as we step In this gray zone of rules new invention’s / situations can come forward. 






Private and/or public


We all know what this means and it surprises me how well we go along with the boundaries of it. Do you have a genuine feeling of freedom or safety? The opportunity we all get in our own imagination is to think without restrictions or rules. Would it be ridiculous to try and shift these two commons?


These concerns motivate me to look for new opportunities. 

    My practice is less about the individual art piece, but the connections it makes when put together. The audience has a big influence and involvement in the development of the work. The function / interpretation changes when i or the audience add new dimensions to the work.

 They are never just a spectator instead they are a collaborator. They serve the same purpose as we all do in our society. I try to motivate them to have a conversation, with me, strangers or the artwork. 



This is the (voorlopig) end I guess, Not of the conversation but of this specific text, I would like to discuss topics that are stated above or different one’s. Let me know here are my contact details email : phone : 0491296235 

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