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Öznur Özturk [Hasselt, 1989] lives and works in Genk. Öznur has shown her work in varied group exhibitions consisting of videos, photography, mixed media and text. She graduated in 2015 as a Master in Visual Arts / Photography from LUCA, School of Arts in Genk. That same year, she won the Wanatoe audience award and was selected for numerous exhibitions such as Europalia Turkey and the art festival in Ulbeek. Many publications, printed and online were devoted to her work.

Her work is based on memories, landscapes, archival images and contemporary images. It is a cross between the new and the old in which the sense of timelessness is a very important aspect. She photographs daily and documents her life. In her darkroom she uses both archive images and new images to explore the analogue photographic process. Details in her photographs may become lead motives in bigger compositions.