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Performa 5  18.6_2022


The inspiring setting of the old mining site of C-mine will be turned into the stage of some peculiar works of art. VONK, in collaboration with C-mine, invited 9 artists and collectives to show their surreal performances and installations during a one day happening.

Participating artists

Irina Jasnowski Pascual in dialogue with Harald Thys & Jos de Gruyter, Brussels Young Wrestling Style, Anthony van Gog, Vermin Twins, Joris Perdieus, Anton Kusters, De Stille Fanfare, Gulsah Bayrak & The Courtyard.

Practical information

Saturday 18.6_2022

Ongoing performances & installations from 14h - 17h
C-Mine, Genk

Free event

Performa is a free festival. Registration is recommended but not mandatory.

Get to know the artists
Irina Jasnowski Pascual in dialogue with Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys

Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Harald Thys & Jos de Gruyter welcome you to the terrace, a life-sized mechanized music box featuring performers for your pleasure. Become the fortuned aristocrats from a few centuries ago, who loved to be amused from time to time by performers like opera singers, violin players and actors to enlighten their evenings. 

Brussel Young Wrestling Style foto1_edited.jpg
Brussels Young Wrestling Style

Brussels Young Wrestling Style is ready for the ultimate fight in the 'holy square', aka the wrestling ring. A referee, a presenter, and the crème de la crème of the international pro wrestling scene will present you the ultimate Catch experience. A unique afternoon full of live action and real life superheroes. 

Anthony van Gog - Beeld.jpg
Anthony van Gog

In this performative installation of Anthony van Gog two performers highlight the most honest indicator of the human being, the heart. Directed by the rhythm of each other’s and their own heartbeats, their bodies slowly intertwine with each other. Heartscore is a visual listening experience in which the dialogue between the mind and body is shown in an intriguing way. 

Vermin Twins foto.jpg
Vermin Twins

Lotte Vanhamel and Micha Volders create bouncing adventures through kaleidoscopic scenery. The music of Vermin Twins is a pandemonium of animated sonics dipped into a raw aesthetic. After a 10 year hiatus Vermin Twins returns with a new sound, a primitive and sweaty combustion of percussion and wind instruments, mutating into a ritualistic fire dance with the hypnotic vocalizations of Vanhamel to guide you through.

Joris Perdieus - foto.jpg
Joris Perdieus

For Performa Joris Perdieus will merge two of his works into a new piece. The 6 meter six-meter high architectural construction he made as scenography for the dance performance The Woods by choreographer Lies Serdons. The steel tower referred to the forest from the title, but was above all a beacon that supported the dancing dialogue between the two performers with light and sound. And Sonic Psychogeography, an audio work that Joris Perdieus composed during a stay as an artist in residence in Berlin inspired by Guy Debord. 

Anton Kusters beeld.jpg
Anton Kusters

Pon Pon (2022) is a life-size reconstruction of an old key tassel from Anton Kusters' grandfather Gaston.
Throughout his life, Gaston kept in his living room a large chest locked with pictures and memories, the tassel hanging from the key.
By magnifying this everyday object twenty times, Anton investigates the fundamental shift in meaning that occurs in an object that cannot fulfil its original role anymore.

Gulsah Bayrak optie B.jpg
Gulsah Bayrak

Gulsah Bayrak is an interdisciplinary artist working around identity and belonging. Her Turkish and Georgian roots are a big influence in her work, in which she makes the bridge between the east and west. Taking the migration stories in her own family as a starting point, Bayrak focuses in her work on the role of society in her life. 

The Courtyard optie A.jpeg
The Courtyard

During “The Courtyard” you see an ongoing land of aesthetics, supported by the sounds of Bach and other masters of the classical barok. This hyper realistic performance shows an insight into the highly driven, repetitive and disciplined attitude of a human in fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting.

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