Performance Night  18.11_2022

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CCHA, Toneelacademie Maastricht, Z33 and VONK joined forces to create the new concept Performance Night. A night during which you can experience several theatre, dance or visual arts performances in the city center of Hasselt. With a festival pass you can discover everything at your own pace.


Later the program and locations will be announced, but we already give a sneak peek.

Still a Bird by Rebecca Lenaerts

Still a bird is an intimate solo performance without spoken word that seeks out the field of tension between appearing and disappearing, between the world of perception and imagination.

In 2015, Rebecca Lenaerts spontaneously started collecting bird feathers on the streets of Berlin. This collection grew into a ritual of washing, drying, treating and preserving. In 2018, she started sewing the feathers one by one on a blanket and made a feather cloak. A monk's work. Birdwoman was born. In ancient myths she is the gatekeeper between the human and animal world.

Rebecca Lenaerts studied acting at the Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels. In her artistic work she always seeks out the cross-pollination between theater and other disciplines.

Practical information

Date: Friday 18.11_2022 19:00 – 23:00
Ticket: 12 euro, with this ticket you get access to all performances. Soon for sale online!
Location: at various surprising locations in Hasselt

About the partners

Toneelacademie Maastricht has long been at the forefront of the development of performance theatre. Twenty years ago, they were the first theater education in Europe to start with a performance artist training. In it, the student transcends the boundaries of the theater medium and flirts with visual art, digital media, music and literature.

Z33 is the international institution that connects art, design and architecture with social themes. Innovative models that contribute to a more sustainable relationship with each other and with the planet are encouraged.

CCHA is an open house for words, music, dance and images. CCHA opts for art as a dynamic meeting place between artist(s) and audience(s) and strives to build a broad urban cultural context.

CCHA's FESTIFIFTY is the context for the unique collaboration with always intriguing work that thinks outside the box.