Sonia Gasparini photo.JPG

Sonia Gasparini (1996, Cesena) studies and works between Bologna and Genk (Belgium).

Her production, a clear inheritance of some site-specific experiences, continuously questions what can be defined as an aesthetically gifted object, in this case a sculpture, and what can instead fall into the category of an object of use, of design, but often also of architecture. Furniture, accessories and dysfunctional architecture are thus created by the artist to short-circuit both poles in favour of an ever new tension.


All this is characterised by a strong focus on the creation of dynamics and objects that are phenomenologically inhospitable and hospitable at the same time.  It is therefore a repeated attempt at formal appropriation and re-signification, which follows the artist's often fetishised interest in a given object, in a modus operandi that is in fact a modus vivendi, since it is innervated in her in every gnoseological field, with the artistic object, with the past, with the neighbour: circumscribing by negation.