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At the age of 11 my family moved from Germany to Belgium. For me as a child this had a tremendous impact. Because it meant leaving the world as I knew it behind. It was the starting point of a quest that continues up to this day: what does it mean to be rooted, what is home? By building structures or settlements in abstract places I explore this theme. The latest technological developments resulting in a possible settlement on Mars triggered my imagination on what this could actually mean for mankind. Can we ever be rooted or feel at home on other planets? Is home something psychological or physical?


Where architecture creates homes, or structures to accommodate certain demands, I try to approach my own longingthrough an architectural practice not based on a graspable demand but by using my expressive liberty as a means to counter the feeling of being trapped or unrooted. I try to combine my fascinations with my desires. To result in a certain poetic yet sleek language, which counters my unrest.


My materials and techniques range from the very basics such as plaster, iron and wood to 3d modelling and 3d printing, moulding and casting in various resins or composites. 

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