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As the artist duo Tåhume (a Greek slang expression for “we are a couple”), Vangelis Tzokakis and Tanja Kapoglou make videos, music, installations and performances that investigate displacement, social adaptation and identity politics.

Tåhume creates time capsules of the present through the performative memeification and ritualisation of everyday experiences. By borrowing imagery from contemporary politics and advertisements, they repurpose our common visual language, expose our collective memory and identify future trends in our shared unconscious. Working with modern and contemporary Greek imagery, symbols and mass culture references, their works roam through a network of hyperlocal cultural influences that relate to the struggles and plight of contemporary Greek society.

Their working process typically begins with the medium of video, which is then accompanied by musical, performative or installation elements. Tåhume regularly set-up their videos as the focal point of each work, and then create immersive environments using found objects that engulf the viewer in an audiovisual experience that transports them to a contemporary Greek landscape.

Vangelis Tzolakis and Tanja Kapoglou recently completed their MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK and are currently participating in the 2021 Transcultural Collaboration in Athens, Greece. Their work has been exhibited at the Kunsthaus Steffisburg, Communitism, Safehouse Peckham and Late at Tate Britain, among others.

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