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Painting, for me, has always been a very auto-biographical, emotionally charged and honest thing which, like the characters and symbolism in my paintings, I struggle to keep from teetering over the edge. Like the world we live in, at any point they can fall apart and topple upon themselves in a self-deprecating, awkward mess. Drawing heavy inspiration from music greats such as television, wire and the talking heads as well as many other punk and post punk poets, artists and writers.


The word “voyeurism” has almost become taboo in the art world in this present day, making me even more earnest in shouting louder. As every painting is finished I care less about what people may think of how I feel about my personal relationships, my comments on peoples relationships with each other and my criticism of man’s relationship with mother nature.


Materials and medium are unimportant, as is the format and surface on which the painting is made. Using anything which is to hand in the studio at the time is vital in keeping the energy high and alive and to make sure the mark making is instinctual and true.


The importance in telling of story and hurt and struggle and love will always sit higher in my priorities above technique and high-brow conceptual theory navigations.


This statement may make it seem that I have a blasé attitude towards painting but it is my all consuming everything. My one driving force, along with hate and love.

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