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Dear reader,

Hi, how are you? My name is Tine. I'm writing you to introduce myself, my artistic practice, and just for the sake of initiating (e-)epistolary exchanges. 

Since 2019, my work methodology changed radically. Ever since, I explore ways to implement more care within my practice, towards myself and others. I’m interested in how the notions of well-being and self-care have evolved, in relation to religion and under the influence of the dominant ‘isms’ in today’s digital age. Well, it’s no surprise that we collectively struggle with it in a neoliberal-driven society. Can we learn to provide for each other's (emotional) needs while hyper-individualism is trending? 

These social topics manifest themselves through installations, soap making, digital collages or reel videos, and of course in the overuse of symbols and art historical references in my visual language. Without getting rid of a critical angle, my work is full of witty associations and a healthy dose of sentimentality. 

We do not know each other very well, but if we get in touch, we may find affinities with each other's practices and values. Do not hesitate to write me back.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes,

'Smoke Cleansing Ritual' 2022​​

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