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VONK_studios is a residency place for artists who work in the cross-over between performance art and visual arts. At our Vonk_veldeman building in Hasselt we invite, on yearly bases, 15 artists to work for free at our studio. Apart from free studio space we support the artists with studio visits, dramaturgical support and financial guidance.



To Half Sell A Duck

David Bernstein (He/Him, 1988, San Antonio, Texas) is an artist based in Brussels and Amsterdam. He is a linguistic, metaphysic, mystical lunatic, and likes to play with words. Bernstein makes objects and finds ways to activate them with storytelling performances. His projects deal with a range of subjects: psychology, wellness, hospitality, and spirituality. Next to his individual practice, he collaborates with a variety of people and is a member of the cosmic cowboy collective, Self Luminous Society.

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Alberto Maggini.jpg


Alberto Maggini is an Italian visual artist who recently completed his MA in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Arts. He holds a BA in Biology and an MA in Botany and Restoration Ecology from Sapienza University in Rome. Alberto’s ceramics, wearable sculptures and performative works reflect his background in biology and botany and his interest in queer ecologies, mythology and native identities.

Inspired by the equalising power of nature and the use of mythological tropes, his work aims to reposition our place in society and challenge the linear trajectory that is set out for us from birth to death.

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Marijn Ottenhof (NL, 1985) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2014 (BA) and from the Royal College of Art, London in 2019 (MA). She took part in several international residencies including a three month project in a mental health clinic in New York and the ceramics postgraduate EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre) in Oisterwijk, Netherlands. Her works and performances have been presented in shows in the Netherlands including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and artfair UNFAIR. In the UK her work has been presented at Somerset House, Gossamer Fog and The South London Gallery. She is a core tutor at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures in Den Bosch, Netherlands.

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Through her work Leen Van Dommelen dissects the body in a fragile game balancing between cruelty and poetry, control and the loss of it.

Creating space for what is suppressed and hidden within all of us. Expressed in grotesk imaginary and gesture, transforming the uncomfortable and the impossible. Always with a nod to childhood but with the seriousness of how a child plays.

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Brandon Lagaert.jpg


Brandon Lagaert has mainly crafted his signature style as an artist while working for the internationally renowned dance-theatre company Peeping Tom as a multidisciplinary performer in the pieces ‘Vader’, ‘Moeder’, ‘Kind’, ‘Dido & Aeneas’ and ‘La Visita’.
As a creator Lagaert combines elements coming from different disciplines such as dance, theatre and film into a unique style. As a director he often starts from the perspective of a performer to lay down a certain foundation before tackling the overall structure.

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As the artist duo Tåhume (a Greek slang expression for “we are a couple”), Vangelis Tzokakis and Tanja Kapoglou make videos, music, installations and performances that investigate displacement, social adaptation and identity politics. Their musical counterpart, Former Athenian Teens, also attests to their interest in unpacking, examining and often offending the absurd elements of contemporary identity.

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Stefanie De Bakker.jpg

Stefanie_DE BAKKER

Stefanie De Bakker (°1999) incorporates curating, organizing and inviting others as part of her artistic practice. Her artworks don’t exist in the fixed form of an object, but rather in created situations. She plays with the conventions of a static exhibition concept and tries to initiate human actions or control the body of others by means of instructions. 

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Anthony van Gog.jpg

Anthony_VAN GOG

Anthony is a performance artist currently based in Antwerp. He graduated with a BA in Performance Art at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts.

In his work, the experience of transgression is centralized and depicted by the body. Understanding the body in its material sense, he is interested in the disappearance of the human figure through the mutation of physical appearance and the elimination of speech. By removing the ‘human’ from the body, we are left with its matter, its flesh, its bones, its form - this remnant, this vessel, is his medium. Using this clay, He choreographically exposes the body in a gradual changing, durational and ambiguous sculpture, resulting in gestural or repetitive sequential movements.

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Previous residents




What means artificial light and pointing out, what means exposing yourself, what means the dark, the night (the mare of it or the dream in it)? What is storytelling nowadays? From my point of view, isn’t performing in the black box something like performing for the camera and if performing is showing ideas:

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lin airlines (photoshop).jpg


Lin Gerritse (1988) Visual artist In collaboration with Alexa Moya Panksep (1997) Dance artist

The work of Lin Gerritse (*1988) evolves out of an experimental process, which stays visible in the pragmatically put together installations. 

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Cammaert Evelien Foto.jpg


Evelien Cammaert (Brussels, 1986) is a transdisciplinary artist. She studied photography (LUCA Brussels, Narafi, 2010) and performance (Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts, 2016). With a background in both disciplines and an interest for the interactions that occur between the realities of different media, she creates a hybrid language resulting in performances and immersive installations.


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Milan Gillard foto.JPG


We have to start from the ground up and lose each biased thought we collectively generated throughout our evolution in terms of what it means to be human.

Our language, moral ideas, prescribed systems… need to be rewritten or rewired to give a contemporary touch. 

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Perdieus Joris Photo.JPG


Joris Perdieus is a visual artist, scenographer, sound-designer and researcher. He is a member of the Intermedia and  Mediated Environments research groups at LUCA School Of Arts Brussels and KULeuven. Recently he has investigated Non-Visual Scenographics and Sensory Hyperfocus.

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Meryem Bayram (c) Hasan Bayram IMG_1867.jpg


Meryem Bayram graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp as sculptor and studied scenography at POPOK in Antwerp. Since 2006 she works as artistic leader visual arts for Platform 0090.

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