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Workshop, scenography, dramaturgy & theater

In visual, transdisciplinary and performance arts

Mon 20/03 Johan Knuts

10:00 - 15:00 workshop


di 21/03 Johan Knuts

10:00 - 15:00 workshop 


Johan Knuts is theater maker and actor with many years of acting experience, a.o. with Toneelgroep Ceremonia, the company of the late Eric De Volder. He is also active as a coach and play teacher for quite some time, teaching at Studio Herman Teirlinck and KASK, among others. Since 2011, he has been giving play training at LUCA Drama. This workshop focuses on acting techniques within theater, on direction and stage presence.


woe 22/03 Esther Severi

9:00 - 13:00 workshop


do 23/03 Esther Severi

10:00 - 15:00 workshop 


Esther Severi is a programmer at the Crossroads festival in Antwerp and works freelance as a writer and dramaturg. She also works on the Belgian publishing project Bebuquin, together with Paul Verrept and Wouter Hillaert, which focuses on publishing theater texts. This workshop focuses on dramaturgy and offers more substantive support.


Fri 24/03 Joris Perdieus 

09:00 - 13:00 workshop


Joris Perdieus is a visual artist, scenographer, sound designer and doctoral researcher at LUCA School Of Arts Brussels and KU Leuven. Joris questions spatiality and the way people interact with space through various strategies. His works are often temporary spatial installations, interventions on interior spaces from a thorough analysis of them. He explores intersections between installation art and theater and scenography. Gradually he discovered the performative aspects in his way of working, which increasingly form the central subject of his works that are increasingly crossing disciplines. This workshop focuses on scenography, the basic techniques. 


Sat 25/03 Zaza Dupont 

10:00 - 15:00 workshop


Zaza Dupont graduated as a scenographer from KASKA DKO in 2021. She made her final work 100°C with Lies Van Loock. As associate designer of Bart Van Merode, she co-designed the scenography and lighting design for A Revue and Madrigalen by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. During her internship at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, she assisted Julien Gosselin and Jan Versweyveld (respectively Falling Man, Death in Venice). Following that, she was asked as assistant scenographer at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (De Thuiskomst, De Uren). In the same season she designed ITA JR. - M!NDF#CK.  This was followed by a design for Limits of the Self by Mateusz Staniak together with lighting designer Van Loock. Last season she took an acting course at De Nieuwe Spelers. Furthermore, she designed the lighting design for Tutti Fratelli's Is that all? and tours with A Revue. This workshop focuses on scenography, the basic techniques.


Want to join ? Send an email to before 10_03.2023

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